Al Ain - The Roberts Family

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This photo shows our house. We live just a couple of miles from the Clock Tower.
Our house

Alice and Lucy on their bikes in our compound.
Alice and Lucy on their bikes in our compound.

Our friend Mayada put henna on the girls' finger tips. They couldn't touch anything for two hours until it dried.
Our house

For many western families, life in Al Ain revolves about the hotels. Many kids have the water skills of an otter before they start school. Here are our two, plus a bunch of friends, in the Hilton pool.
At the pool.

One Thursday morning (weekend in the U.A.E. is Thursday and Friday) Jim took the girls riding their bikes on the 'yellow brick road' through Al Ain oasis. There we made a friend. He gave the girls an egg each, still warm from the hen.
Egg man

When Lucy was smaller we visited Al Ain camel market. She was a big hit with the men who work there.
Lucy in camel market.

Camel market again. Here is Alice on a school trip.
Alice at the camel market.

Last year we went on a camel ride into Fossil Valley. Dad and Alice on one beast and Mom and Lucy on another. After half an hour Lucy fell asleep. Miranda had to hold tight to make sure she didn't fall. There is a natural amphitheatre at the back of Fossil Valley where every rock you pick up contains a fossil. (Well, almost every rock.)
On a camel at Fossil Valley.

One day our friends Anne, Frank and Becky Sutcliffe and Kenny and Nuala Levack took the girls to Wadi Kitnah. This is a 45 minute drive from Al Ain into Oman. There are clear water pools and caves.
Wadi Kitna.

On our last flight back from England the girls were allowed to fly the plane for a while. They made it do a 'Barrel Roll'.
Girls on a plane.

Glorious hollyhocks in the car park of Prisunic - Al Ain's biggest supermarket.
Hollyhocks at Prisunic.

In April 97 the Al Ain Ladies International Circle organised a fashion show. It was sponsored by British Home Stores and hosted by The Intercontinental Hotel. Alice and Lucy were models.
Fashion Show.

Alice has recently started taking karate classes. There are several karate groups in Al Ain. Alice's teacher, Mrs. Streeter, has a Black Belt.
Alice doing karate.