Lucy, Alice,

Miranda, Jim

The first version of this family web site was published in May 1997. At that time we lived in the city of Al Ain, on the UAE / Oman border. Our site was the first to feature photographs of this desert city. We got plenty of hits and a 'write up' in the Dubai press.

In 1998 family ties bought us back to Solihull in the UK and the focus of our site changed. Alice and Lucy were in primary school and they had fun creating their own sections of the site. Miranda set up a small business decorating cakes, and we added pages promoting this. We also installed 'structured' network cabling in our house so that too was described on the site.

In 2008 I was still a network guy (just about!) but had started dabbling with Powershell. As a learning exercise I decided to port my utilities to this new scripting language and again I up-loaded them here. In February 2009 I added three simple file utilities, also written in Powershell.

Now it's 2012. I no longer do hands-on technical work so there will be no more scripts for the time being. The girls are both away at university and Miranda is still teaching. Perhaps I will revamp the site when I retire?

I hope you find something of interest.